(Adopted August, 2003)



The Integrative Manual Therapy Association will be the global membership organization for Integrative Manual Therapy professionals and their strategic partners.


We will promote and strengthen our members' professional development by providing support, networking, education and advocacy along with high ethical standards of conduct, competence and excellence. We will advance the science and practice of Integrative Manual Therapy as a means of delivering superior health care, and we will support evidence-based research conducted by our sister organization, IMT Global Health.


From the IMTA Articles of Incorporation, IMTA's purposes are:

  • to promote the welfare of practitioners engaged in Integrative Manual Therapy, to professionalize their status, and to strive for recognition for Integrative Manual Therapy as a method of delivering superior health care,
  • to advocate for public access to Integrative Manual Therapy by educating the general public and those in legislature by proposing, opposing, or lobbying for the advancement of legislation which affects the delivery of affordable health care and/or the safe practice of Integrative Manual Therapy by practitioners trained in its methods, skills and techniques,
  • to vigorously support the increase of public awareness of Integrative Manual Therapy through education delivered via the Internet, internal and external publications, and the media,
  • to encourage reciprocal cooperation between Integrative Manual Therapy practitioners and various other health-related disciplines,
  • to engage in activities which further the common interest of all Integrative Manual Therapy practitioners that perform services,
  • to foster a spirit of harmonious and cooperative efforts between practitioners and their patients, families and friends for the better understanding and more efficient rendering of services,
  • to stimulate, support and further the development of evidence-based research in Integrative Manual Therapy, its implementation and the innovative ways in which its technology can and will improve the lives of individuals through effective utilization,
  • to embrace and embody high ethical standards through the establishment of standards of competence, promoting excellence in the practice of Integrative Manual Therapy, and in formulating and maintaining a code of ethics for the profession,
  • to enhance the study and practice of Integrative Manual Therapy by establishing lectureships, scholarships, foundations, fellowships, and appropriate evaluation procedures,
  • to provide educational seminars for the dissemination of Integrative Manual Therapy information, support access to formal education, training courses and programs, and to research and develop materials that support such educational efforts,
  • to provide recognition to individuals who have delivered noteworthy service in the field of Integrative Manual Therapy,
  • to maintain and build the Integrative Manual Therapy Association's organizational strength, and to adopt and prescribe rules and regulations governing membership in such,
  • to cultivate social intercourse among the Association's membership and to establish a central point of reference and action for members,
  • to organize an annual Integrative Manual Therapy Conference which may include speaker presentations, panel discussions, workshops, demonstrations, and the exhibition of published materials,
  • to provide leadership, education and support for the professional development of those who deliver Integrative Manual Therapy,
  • to provide practitioners with the opportunity for gaining continuing education, peer recognition and expanded development in the profession,
  • to coordinate and direct the activities of common interest throughout established Regions, Chapters and Special Interest Groups, as well as to organize and promote the development and growth of such,
  • to receive, maintain, and administer a fund of real and personal property, derived from all sources whatsoever, and subject to the terms of any specific gift, grant, bequest, or devise and to the restrictions set forth below, to use, apply, and distribute the income from and the principal of such a fund exclusively for the purpose of carrying out the preceding purposes of the Corporation, and
  • to do and engage in all lawful activities that further or are consistent with the preceding objects and purposes of the Corporation.